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Using a blue ocean strategy, with lessons from the must read, book “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W.Chan Kim and Renee’ Mauborgne a business focuses on making the competition irrelevant by creating a leap in value for buyers by opening up new and uncontested market space.

Testimonial from Cassy Sulaiman

I have a counselor background and always have a desire to help people around me to find their true calling in life so that they could find their passion and purpose in life, and it is not an easy things to find and do for most cases. And when I found this course I was so excited to combine the counseling and life coaching skills, unfortunately a few weeks after I enrolled the course I got pregnant, and we didn’t plan for this. The pregnancy made me stayed in bed for a while due to certain condition, and I was unable to continue the study for few months. However, since the program is online, and though I have to extend it for another 6 months, it was quite manageable for me to catch up. A few months after the baby was born, I was back to study.

The team itself was very helpful, I can call them during working hours if I found some difficulty understanding certain materials, and they would guide and explain to me in details.

This is one of my best investment to study, and this program allows me to do this without limitation to reach my dream no matter what surprises life brings to me. And now I have gained my degree and ready to work in the real life :).

Cassy Sulaiman
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